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Posted by on Sep 22, 2013 in News |

Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference – Update

Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference – Update

So….I’m back from what was an amazing weekend in Lloydminster at the Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference and I have so many things I want to update everyone on and share.

First off, I am so incredibly grateful to be asked to be one of the speakers at this event. To be able to share the story of Love Letters 2 Strangers with over 1,000 students and teachers from all over Saskatchewan was such a privilege.

Secondly, I am so inspired by the leadership, kindness, creativity and passion that these young leaders have. These students are (and will continue to) change lives.


Above: The Gym filling up with hundreds of students from all over the province.

I was able to do four breakout sessions to share more stories and allow students to make their own letters and it was nothing short of awesome to see the enthusiasm for what I do being transferred to others.  There were a few moments while watching students write letters that I remembered how similar I was at that age and how sometimes. as you grow up, you may lose a little bit of that enthusiasm for the world, the people in it and the idea of “doing good”. I guess that cynicism may take over once in a while but as I witnessed these teens reaching out, it made me that much more motivated to be more and do more!

I was so touched to hear from students that I was an inspiration and a role model for them  (and sort of shocked as well!). I  really didn’t expect or prepare myself to hear anything like that and it made me so, so happy to know I am making a positive impression on these amazing youth.

Another astounding moment was when I was able to meet a role model of my own, Erin Gruwell, the woman behind the Freedom Writers Foundation.
I knew her story and have always been inspired by the sacrifice and commitment she had to the students she taught and what a huge impact it made to their lives and to her own. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at the conference and give more detail about her amazing story.

After her presentation, I was able to meet her, get a photo and even give her one of the Love Letters that was written at my public workshop in Edmonton in May. The second I introduced myself she exclaimed “Oh! You’re the love letter girl!” and I swear to you, my smile could not have been wider.
It was  a moment I will never forget.

532c5dfe207e11e3895f22000a9e4895_7Above: The Love Letter I gave to Erin Gruwell – founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation

A big thanks to the SSLC fo allowing me and my crafts to come to the conference and share all that I’ve learned with everyone there.
I also want to give a big BIG  thank you to my dear friend, Sarah, who came along with me on the trip and was my support throughout the entire weekend. You’re incredible!